Why He (Might) Need A Boat

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After Easter Sunday Mass, we enjoyed a relaxing breakfast poolside.

Easter Sunday we only had one thing we needed to do: go to 7:30 am mass.  After that, we planned to enjoy the gorgeous Florida weather by our pool.  We were excited to just totally chill.  We had been working our tails off on our house since we moved to Florida and we were excited to just relax.

Everything changed when Eric Reddish called about 11:15 am and asked: “Want to go out on the boat this afternoon with us?”  My eyes sparked with Fourth-of-July fireworks as I hung up, hopped out of the chair, and told Nick, “Eric invited us on their boat this afternoon!”  I knew we didn’t need to decide yes or no.  Instead we high-fived, quickly packed a bag with drinks and snacks and jetted out the door.

Spending IMG_4905time with Eric, Laurel and their six-year-old daughter Scarlett is easy.  I went to high school with Eric; and Laurel and I were at Illinois State at about the same time (even though we didn’t know each other).  Eric and My Man can talk sports, boats — really anything — all day long.  Laurel and I talk about EVERYTHING else! Scarlett provides the humor!

We drove over to Dunedin and boarded their boat for a trip out in to the Gulf of Mexico.  What’s not to love about this view ?



We docFullSizeRender_1ked at a small island, climbed off the boat and carried in lawn chairs and a couple of coolers filled with snacks, wine, and beer. We all played for a while in the water, just enjoying the cool breeze.  The water was perfect!  We walked along the shore, looking for sand dollars.

After awhile, we retired to the chairs, spreading out the snacks and drinks.

While the four adults enjoyed each other’s company, Scarlett ran along water, playing.  What a view!  Being on the water confirmed our decision to turn out lives upside down and move across the country from Tampa to Northern California.  We didn’t go in the water in Northern California without a wet suit in April!


After a couple of hours, we decided to head back on the boat and eat an early supper. Eric, a planner, had scouted a Mexican restaurant the day before in Largo.  Before we jumped back on the boat, I took a quick snap of Scarlett with my iPhone 7, in portrait mode. It was obvious she enjoyed the boat and the beach as much as the grown ups!


Another DaysUnplanned  Blog With the Reddishs (spoiler alert – gorgeous photos!): New Rule: There’s No Crying Over Smashed Sand Dollars

Not sure about the iPhone 7 Plus? read this educational article, comparing models!


  1. Love it! The water looks so pretty and what a darling photo of Scarlett! Glad you guys are having such a blast while I am sausaging my bod into a thick wetsuit and fighting off great whites in Santa Cruz. xoxo

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