Napa Wine Tasting On St. Patrick’s Day!

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I can’t believe jumpers are back this Spring! Thanks Anthropologie!

Back in California for a week in March, My Man and I went up to Napa to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with his two sons, Nick Jr. and Braden.  Because he missed our BMW convertible (sold it when we moved to Tampa!), he rented a Ford Mustang and threw the top down early.  It was fun, but it proved to be a little too small for four people, including two who tower over standard-sized people (Braden is 6-4 and Nick Jr. is a tall 6-5).  After a long winter of rain in NorCal, we were blessed with late winter sunshine and gorgeous temperatures.

IMG_4329We started our wine tasting at Honig, a winery in Napa Valley, Rutherford specifically. I belong to Honig, so we got the VIP treatment!

Honig makes delish Cabs at a really good price point.  A bottle of their 2014 Cabernet Sauvigon starts at just $50!  They also make a really good Sauvignon Blanc!  I never drank Sauvignon Blanc until I moved to California. I thought it was too sweet.  But I learned quickly, there was nothing like an ice cold glass of Sauv Blanc on a hot day!

After we finished our tasting, we went out in to the vineyard and took a few snaps!


After the first tasting, we drove to downtown Napa.


Nick Jr. took us to a place he had eaten at before, Angele Restaurant and Bar.  We ate outside on the patio.  It was gorgeous and the food was delish!  Three of the four of us ate the hamburger!


After lunch, we walked around.  I love to take pictures, so I snapped a few of the men!


The photo below was my favorite!  It reminded me of the Abbey Road Album by the Beatles, but from behind!


Back to the wine tasting!  The guys wanted to watch the March Madness, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, and I wanted to taste more wine!  Rather than driving around (like packed sardines in that Mustang), we compromised and walked over to Dick Vermeil’s Wine Tasting Room in Napa. Read how the Super Bowl Champion coach decided to open a winery!  News flash: Nick was NOT that much bigger than Braden — it’s just the way they were sitting!

After a big lunch with some bookend wine tasting, we headed back to the state capital to get ready for dinner.  We hit a TON of TRAFFIC, so at first I tried to lighten the mood!


After about 30 minutes, the boys conked out!

Riding in the convertible, we saw gorgeous cloud formations.  Luckily, I had a ponytail holder because eating hair for two hours wasn’t as much fun as it sounded!

After our St. Patrick’s Day trip, I decided I missed Napa even more!  I could have taken pictures all day!


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