Sun Splashed Day In San Francisco

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With my husband’s college roommate and girlfriend on Sunday, we enjoyed our time visiting California.

Visiting California just three months after we moved to Florida, Monday I had a full day to myself in San Francisco while My Man worked.  Wanting to get some exercise, I decided a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge was a great way to jump-start the day.

Staying at a hotel in Fisherman’s Wharf, I took an Uber across to the Vista Point and walked back across the Golden Gate Bridge.  It proved to be the perfect spot for the first snaps of the day.IMG_3970IMG_3971

I started the day with a scarf tied around my neck and layers.  Soon, I would find I was dressed too warm even for a walk across the bridge!

A few minutes in, I was pretty excited to see the GGB Zipper Truck moving the barriers after the morning rush hour. I always wondered how they did this so uniformly.  Now I know! For more on the zipper trucks, click here and read this article from the Mercury News.  My own video of the zipper truck follows.

I have walked on the Golden Gate Bridge a few times when it was wall to wall people.  On New Year’s Day one year I was caught up in a protest walking across the bridge.  On Monday morning, I was practically alone the entire way. I stopped to take different photos of the Bridge as well as selfies.  I couldn’t stop smiling. I was so happy to walk across this iconic bridge. I thanked God more than once for giving me this wonderful day.

Once I left the Bridge on the San Francisco side, I looked back and smiled, knowing I had just walked across this beauty.  I lived in California for 8.5 years, 2008-2016, and driving or walking across the Golden Gate Bridge never gets old for me.IMG_4017

I continued my walk back to Fisherman’s Wharf.  A clear day, I spotted Alcatraz from the shore.  Read my blog on another visit to San Francisco prior to moving.  A map of what’s in the photo below follows my own photo.



I walked along the trail at renovated Crissy Field and then down on the beach. The waves slapping the sandy shore provided a relaxing soundtrack.


Click here to read about the history of Crissy Field.  On Sept. 9, 1920, the first transcontinental flight arrived at Crissy Field, delivering air mail.  This was considered a huge step forward for the United States.

I continued walking and spotted a class of school-aged kids using the exercise equipment normally reserved for early morning runners.  Their laughter and energy gave me some pep in my step as I continued to walk.  IMG_4040

When I spotted Ghiradelli Square and a cable car, I knew I was almost back to Fisherman’s Wharf.

steve and michelleAfter taking a short break at the hotel, I ventured out to the Twitter building across town to meet a friend of mine for lunch.  On the left, Steve Wymer is the Vice President for Communications and Policy at NextDoor.  If you aren’t a member of NextDoor yet, join today!  NextDoor is a social networking site for neighbors. 

After lunch, Steve encouraged me to walk straight down Market Street to the Ferry Building.  The Ferry Building was always one of my favorite places to go in the city!  There were so many amazing little shops and if you like cheese and consider yourself a foodie, please get involved with the cheese sandwich at the Cowgirl Creamy.  My mouth waters just dreaming about it.

My Man called me while I was walking around the Ferry Building and said he had a break from his meetings.  We agreed to meet at Coqueta.  Another one of my favorite spots, Coqueta is Michael Chiarello’s Spanish-infused restaurant along the waterfront. Sipping on a delish spiced up Margarita, we laughed and smiled, holding hands, just enjoying each other’s company.

2017-03-13 16.34.17

Later that evening, I walked over to meet My Man and his son Braden for dinner.  The sun was setting and Koit Tower just glowed in the backdrop.  A fun meal in North Beach at the Park Tavern included Marlowe hamburgers, Brussel sprout chips, and salads.

Finishing off the day with a walk back to the hotel,  I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I had really enjoyed my day in the City By The Bay.  A sign on our walk back summed it all up for me.

2017-03-13 21.47.08

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