Trashed: Perfect For Plants

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Every picker has their story.  Carrying a few bills in their pocket for an estate sale, their eyes are first scanning the neighborhood for something discarded.  The perfect piece of trash along the side of the road or outside in front of someone’s house marked “FREE!”

I found this beauty across the street from a huge estate sale. With all the traffic on the street for the sale, the neighbors thought it was a good time to clean out the garage as well.  We found this shelf thrown on the top of the heap and snatched it up!


After washing it off, I spray painted it two coats of semi-gloss white.

An hour later, my husband hung it in The In Between. Instead of using new pots, I used a bunch of jars, odd glasses, and old pots to replant some succulents I had growing around the house.  Succulents grow like weeds around my house.


It’s a great addition to The In Between!  Read all about the creation of the In Between here! 



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