From Rusted-Out To Relax

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Wine tasting with Brainard in the Santa Cruz Mountains.


While I consistently sing the praises Chalk Paint, I also love spray paint. LOVE spray paint!  It’s amazing what a steel brush and a can of spray paint can do to old metal!

In October I visited Columbia, SC after the 1000 year flood to help clean up the Midlands. I spent a few days doing that as well as helping friends.  I stayed at my pal Brainard Cooper’s house for the week.  He was a wonderful host who didn’t mind me rearranging his furniture (or he acted like he didn’t!).  Going in and out of his house for a few days, I kept noticing this old rusty glider hidden by his tool shed.


A Christmas gift several years ago from his sister, I asked him a couple of times why he didn’t fix it up and he mumbled something about not having the time and didn’t know how. The third time I asked him about it, I said I wanted to upcycle it.  He laughed, but nodded that was fine. After some more prodding, he told me he wanted it yellow.

IMG_9372 (1)
I I hit Home Depot and bought two cans of Rust-Oleum bright yellow John Deere spray paint, plastic sheeting, a paint scrapper, and a steel brush. I scrubbed it hard for awhile with the steel brush.
,Brainard came home for lunch and helped scrap some of the rust off of it with the paint scrapper !  We then took turns spraying it off with the hose and scrapping some more.  After wiping it down good and drying it off, it was time to go to work spray painting.

I spray painted two coats of yellow.  It looked ok, but I knew I needed to take it to the next level! It worked perfectly by the way.

IMG_9373 (1)I bought some blue painter’s tape and taped around the outsides of the squares and painted the insides white.  It was starting to look like the 1940s glider we had seen on Pinterest the night before!

It is the perfect welcome bench for company in the South!

An hour later it was done!  We added a couple of $12 pillows from Amazon and it was finished!

IMG_9404 (1)
What a difference fresh spray paint and new outdoor pillows make!

He loved it and so did his sister Lori when she came that weekend for a visit. Now that I am back in California, I am hunting for my own porch glider.


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