Feng Shui Tips To Make You Smile at Home

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We’ve been quarantining in our homes for what feels like years now. We can only plump our pillows so many times, right? A couple of weeks ago The Zoe Report was looking for Feng Shui experts to help with a piece on quick tips to freshen up the home. 

Aelita Leto, an experienced Feng Shui Master, is one of my clients with Bee Young Communications and Marketing. Already on a Zoom call when the query came across my email, it was fun for us to take a few minutes to work on the pitch, using a number of tips she’s been focusing on with her Facebook Lives. For more on Aelita: click here and click here.

The Zoe Report article ran a couple of days later, using a number of Aelita’s tips: click here.

None of the tips Aelita and I put together will not require you to tear down a wall or spend thousands of dollars to makeover a room. You might be surprised with how easy many of them are for you to complete today.

Use Your Front Door / Main Door


It is important to use the front door of your home because it is the main source of energy flow.  Start using the front door at least once a week.  It might be more convenient to use the garage door or back door, but the front door represents how chi enters your home and life.  Not using the front door is like putting food in your ears and not your mouth.

Get a good night’s sleep starting tonight


Your bed should have a headboard, preferably wood, leather or fabric. Do not sleep under a window. Never sleep with your phone, computer or tablet next to your bed. Avoid white walls in the bedroom – it creates overthinking and analysis.  Each side of the bed should feature a nightstand and lamp to create equality and partnership.  Each lamp should have low voltage lighting and project downward.    

To discover more tips for the bedroom, check out this blog by Aelita: click here.

Declutter: Out with the old


If you haven’t already while quarantining, declutter your closets, drawers and cabinets.  Start by cleaning out boxes or bins you haven’t touched in years. You will change the energy flow of your home by eliminating the stagnation.  If you can’t fix it, throw it away.  If it doesn’t fit, donate it.  Donating will bring your home good chi (or qi).  

Enjoy the fresh air


Clean the windows in your home (inside and outside).  Windows symbolize the eyes of the world — if your windows are dirty, you will have a hard time seeing your future.

In the summer, the days are longer and there should be much more sunlight in the home.  Airing your space is very important.  Open your windows in the early morning – receive the fresh air.  Stimulate the mind with essential oils and music.

The “new normal” office space


If you are working from home, make sure your desk is in a command position. Never have your desk or table pushed up against the wall – it blocks or stops your energy or opportunities.  With the wall, there is no space to create things in front of you.  You will have a lot more energy and concentration.  For the Zoom calls, declutter the space. Never sit with a window behind you.  

Learn more about how moving your desk can make a difference: click here.

Live Plants: bring the Green inside


Have live plants in your home, especially thriving plants, because plants add vitality to your daily experience.  A plant by a window, when appropriate, will help you be more compassionate and caring.  Green is the feng shui color of renewal, fresh energy, and new beginnings – just like the leaves of a plant.

Earlier this year, Architectural Digest wrote about the best indoor house plants and how to care for them: click here.


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