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It’s hard for me to get my mind on “things” today. I can’t stop thinking about what I’ve seen the last few days and nights. Sure — it’s been really hard to see all the looting and violence, but it’s so much harder to see all the peaceful protesters who want to see real change. Real change NOW. Deserved changed NOW!

I’m tired of people saying “oh protesting is fine but …” Enough with the BUTS … there are too many people out here hurting. I’m sorry. I truly am sorry I didn’t listen better before.

Millions around the world want to see real change: an end to racism, police brutality, and so much more. For starters — how do we get rid of racism? In some homes, it’s a tough question because many will say they were “raised” that way. Enough. I was raised without a cell phone, but now I use one everyday. We can learn.

Let’s start with prayer — and that isn’t a photo opp with a bible (he stands for nothing I believe in). Pray for peace, pray for change, pray for love not hate. Pray we can come together instead of continuing to be torn apart.

It’s also time for the good cops to stand up to bad cops. Period. We know there are good cops out there — it’s time they started acting like it.

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Let’s then think about how we talk to our kids, friends, family, neighbors —- people we come across everyday. Stop hating, stop racial profiling. Push for reform NOW not after an election or another senseless killing. Stop turning a blind eye to reality. It isn’t going to change overnight as an entire nation, but it can change if we individually vow to open our eyes to reality.

I’m sad today. So so so sad. Things like windows and stores can be replaced (and I am sorry for the business owners). People’s lives and souls cannot.

People keep saying “we need a leader to stand up and show us the way”. It may not happen so let’s stop waiting. Let’s start with ME and YOU now. We all need to vow to change our own hearts — to be better. History needs to happen now. Let’s all pray today our country can come together somehow, some way. Now.


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