Feng Shui Advice Refreshes His Office

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Vacation also refreshes the soul.

This summer friends of ours from California were in Florida and stayed at our house while we were out of town.  When we returned Aelita Leto raved about how much she loved almost everything about our house.  BUT when prodded, she said there were a couple of places that could use her Feng Shui touch!

The first BUT was Nick’s office.  I was OVERJOYED to hear she felt his office needed help because the way he had it laid out had been bugging me.  A few years ago Aelita helped us with Nick’s office in Northern California and that refresh had been very successful!  He loved it!

Learn more about the first time Aelita helped Nick with his office: https://daysunplanned.org/2016/08/29/even-men-need-feng-shui/

Fast forward to the house in Tampa.  When we bought the house almost three years ago, we pulled out the green carpet and put in a new ceiling fan. We put down new tile and called it a day.


In addition to it serving as his office, it serves as a photobooth when we have parties (hence the silver curtains) and it also serves as a place for the neighborhood kids to watch a movie when the adults want to be social.


It also served as a home to a lot of plants and outdoor furniture two years ago during Hurricane Irma.IMG_0178This time his office didn’t need paint on the walls or a fresh color for the desk, he just needed to rearrange the furniture to create a better environment, to have a more supportive area as his office. Aelita’s Feng Shui advice wasn’t difficult to follow, we took what we had and made some changes.

Watch this video interview with Nick and Aelita for more background.


This was all done in less than an hour.  Nick cleaned out his bookcases and donated 3 boxes of books!  He also flipped the placement of the bookcases and the TV.  And hung two vintage mirrors that we had laying around for years.

The view when you walk into his office now.
His TV and printers are now on the inside wall and much better organized.
The bookcase is now playing a supportive role in his office.

See that smile on his face?  He obviously loves it as much as Aelita and I! Thank you again Aelita!

Note: Aelita Leto is a classically trained Feng Shui master.  For more information on her services, click here for her website.  You can also read more testimonials on her Yelp page by clicking here.  You can also reach her at 408-768-9496 (cell) or via email at: om@aelitaleto.com.



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  1. Thank you Michelle and Nick. It is such a joy working and having fun and creating memorable times together . I loved spontaneous rearrangement and getting painting job done in one day!
    We are the DREAM TEAM!


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