In June: One New Year’s Resolution is Still Going Strong On My Chalkboard

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Thankful I inherited my parent’s sense of adventure.

It’s June — how many of you can stay your New Year’s resolutions are still going strong?  I’m certain there were a number I haven’t kept, ones I can’t even remember.  But one in particular is still hanging around!

My Man and I moved to Florida in Dec. 2016 and constantly heard about how amazing the beaches in Florida were. We were always kind of ‘well, we have a pool so we don’t go to the beach very often.’

On January 1st, 2019, we went to Honeymoon Island for the first time.  On the way home, we made a New Year’s resolution to try out a new beach every month.  We planned on it being in just Florida, but late in January – Nick won a FREE CDW trip and we flew to Turks and Caicos for four days. Life is hard isn’t it?IMG_4021


We’ve been on a lot of day trips to the beach in 2019.  In May, with friends flying in to hit the beach with a ton of kids and a few adults, we decided to try a few nights on Anna Maria Island so we could do some visiting.  Anna Maria Island is close to Bradenton, Florida and just an hour and 13 minutes from our house.  It reminded me of the beach areas near Charleston, South Carolina.

AMA, as the cool kids call it, did not disappoint! The water was a gorgeous turquoise the entire time we were there.


While we enjoyed time with friends, it was so relaxing to just sit at the beach and stare out at the waves.  The ‘resort’ we stayed in was about 100 feet from the beach so we went a lot!


AMA is great for chilling in the Gulf, walking on the beach and riding bikes. We brought our bikes with us and enjoyed tooling around the island on them.


We rode to Pine Street the last morning and scratched our heads as to why we hadn’t spent more time on this part of the island.

One night we watched the sunset.  It’s stunning how the sun sets over the Gulf of Mexico.


The last day there, we just stood in the water and laughed and talked, relaxing.

While we still love our pool, we sure are enjoying all Florida’s beautiful beaches ! Do you blame us?




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