Baker Beach With The Boys

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Sunday Funday!  We made the quick drive up I-280 North to spend the day with My Man’s two adult sons, Nick, Jr. and Braden.  Because we were celebrating Braden’s 25th birthday, we let him decide where we should go and what we should eat.

First we cruised by a Philz Coffee. I don’t drink coffee, so I don’t understand the allure of coffee brewed for one. For you Philz’s lovers, we went to the original Philz in the Mission.  Wanting to join the crowd, I ordered a Mint Mojito Iced Coffee.  It was described as: Mint, Sweet, Creamy.  It was tasty and it gave me a jolt of energy!

We then headed over to Baker Beach to go for a hike. I have only driven through its parking lot.  After a couple of hours there, we all understood what the rage was all about! What a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate Bridge!

Interested in its history?  Click on this link and explore.

IMG_9151We hiked a few miles, stopping often to look at  the view along with the different bits of history.  I told Braden this stone house would be his next apartment in the city, costing about $4000 a month.  He laughed in agreement.


Someone scribbled this statement on a gunner wall.  Was this a tribute for Braden’s birthday, seeing as he works for Intuit?IMG_9150We continued hiking, stopping often to take photos.

And then a few more photos.  This is the Nick’s thinking about life.

2016-08-28 12.06.20
The Nick’s thinking about life past the Golden Gate Bridge.
This was the selfie stop.  Wait, we lost one of the boys!

Just a few more.  Do you blame me?

2016-08-28 12.49.35

Baker Beach was a gorgeous spot for a picnic or swimming. I wouldn’t recommend getting in the water without a wet-suit.  The water temperature in August is about 60 degrees.2016-08-28 13.12.46

At the end of the hike, totally refreshed, we asked someone to shoot a picture of us together. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday!us



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