Even Men Need Feng Shui

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Time out of the office should be fun and gorgeous!  Work should be productive!

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When My Man and I moved in together four years ago, he shoved his black desk against the wall and started working.  Our neighbor Aelita Leto, a Feng Shui master, stopped by to check on how all the unpacking was going.  She shook her head NO! when she saw Nick’s black desk pushed against the wall of his office.

A Feng Shui expert, somehow Aelita convinced Nick to repaint his desk and move it into the center of the room.  Instead of looking directly into the dead wall (blocking his energy and productivity), we moved his desk in to the center of the room.  He was now sitting with the supporting wall and facing the most optimal direction, as noted in natal chart.  By Form Feng Shui, he was now in a command position.

He chose to paint his desk one of his favorite colors.  The purple would be a catalyst to provide him inspiration in a new house, enriching his idea formulation. With the Feng Shui changes we implemented, he was in aligned based on his natal chart reading.  He found much success in the workplace!

Click here to watch a flashback to Nick talking about his office. 

purple desk

Over time, Nick added different things to his office: bookcases (3!), a new desk, an island, a couple of small tables, a chair, a big plant, lots of pictures, too many books and what appeared to be an unlimited number of work computers!

With so much clutter, it was hard to look in the office, much less work in it.  Here are a few before pictures of his office (yes, he knows I took these!).

2016-08-24 15.51.47Once in a while, when I mentioned how badly I wanted to tidy his office – he would resist. He didn’t want me messing with his stuff or all his furniture.  He knew it was getting more cluttered, but he wasn’t ready to let go of his things.  In addition, he didn’t feel as motivated or approach work tasks with the same vigor as he had in the past.

After he spotted this vintage desk (below) in Not Too Shabby, he finally had the motivation to unclutter his office.  He was finally ready!  The desk was $99 and included the original price tag of $1945!

Prior to organizing his office, I called Aelita and asked for her input.  A Feng Shui expert who helped us in the past, Aelita gave him some inspiring and practical advice on what to do with each wall, the furniture, pictures and more.

A few hours later we were finished! It was uncluttered and organized with a purpose.  The advice Aelita gave us was magical.  Look at the before and after pictures!  In addition to the pictures, Aelita recorded videos to explain the logic of the redesign.

For starters, the new desk was show piece in the center of the room. His previous desk had two small drawers that were always jam-packed with junk.  The new desk featured a number of drawers that Nick could utilize for folders, pens, paper, computer cords, etc.

We took away the Duck Egg bookcase.  Aelita felt like the bookcase was overwhelming the room and a constant state of exposed clutter.  The subconscious mind was engaging constantly with the exposed clutter.  It was affecting Nick’s concentration because it was draining him.

We replaced the bookcase first with a large mirror.  The large mirror expanded the size of the room and added to the natural light.

On the same wall, we put both printers on a small table. We also put the hamper in a place that was close to his clothes closet.  This was done for aesthetics and practicality.

On the opposite side of the room, we moved the bookcases under the window out of the room and put a small table with a lamp under the window.  This was done to improve the energy flow.  We also put the plant on a vintage stand.  The wood element of the plant would bring rejuvenation to the room and represent nature.

We removed the island that sat under the TV.  The island was too wide and blocked the Qi from entering the room.  We replaced it with a more narrow bookcase that would hold his books and electronic equipment.  Again, it helped to unclutter the room and hid all the cords.  We added back pictures, based on Nick’s age, from left to right.

2016-08-28 18.15.11

Nick couldn’t believe the change!  He said at first he felt naked without “all his stuff.”  He wasn’t sure if he liked it so bare.  The next afternoon he was all smiles when he came out of his office.  He said he couldn’t believe how happy and productive he had been.  He said he could finally breath in his office!

One final before and after …2016-08-24 15.52.09

after photo

Aelita closed with this message.

Note: Aelita Leto is a classically trained Feng Shui master.  For more information on her services, click here for her website.  You can also read more testimonials on her Yelp page by clicking here.  You can also reach her at 408-768-9496 (cell) or via email at: om@aelitaleto.com.




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