Full Moon Rising

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2016-06-20 19.48.54
Isn’t my mom, Wilma, cute??  She was all dressed and ready to go see the Full Moon!

This blog will be a lot less about words and a lot more about photos and videos.  Today was Summer Solstice, as I wrote earlier, and the first day of summer featured a full moon for the first time since 1967.

After dinner, we walked down to the beach to watch the moon come up over the Atlantic Ocean.  The views were amazing!  And note: I used no filters on any of these photos!2016-06-20 20.06.412016-06-20 20.06.532016-06-20 20.15.37

I shot a video while we were waiting for the moon to rise!

After checking an app that would tell us where the moon who would appear over the horizon, we kept a steady gaze on that region.  Finally – it came up over the clouds!  I took a couple of time-lapse videos my I-Phone.

2016-06-20 20.46.10

If the moon rising over the ocean wasn’t special enough, a sea turtle came out of the water to lay eggs right in front of us a few minutes later.  I doubt you can see it in the photo, but it’s in the lower right hand corner.  2016-06-20 21.00.57

The past year has had a lot of ups and downs for My Man and I, sometimes more downs than ups.  But one thing we have learned and prayed about daily was to live one day a time.  While I would love to live this day for at least another week, I am so happy I was able to live life today to the fullest!  Thank you for being such wonderful parents and amazing hosts, Don and Wilma Schmitt!

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