Summer Solstice & Full Moon: A Rare Happening Together

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IMG_6581Good morning and Happy Summer Solstice! If it seemed like the sun was coming into your window earlier than usual Monday morning, it probably was!  Today is Summer Solstice and it is the longest “day” of the year.

In Melbourne Beach, Florida, the first light came at 5:58 am and it will be dark at 8:50 pm.  Topping it off with a full moon tonight, the tides should be interesting!  I check the tides here daily when I am in Florida.  It is the first time since 1967 that there has been a full moon on Summer Solstice.  Read here for some more facts on this rare happening.

We went down early this morning for our first beach walk.  It was high tide and the beach was gorgeous!  We pretty much had it all to ourselves.IMG_6579There was no sea glass to be found, but plenty of wave action! 

A raccoon or some type of predator got into the sea turtle eggs last night.  My mom said it was just part of nature being nature.IMG_6582

A crab stopped and posed for me.  He looks like my husband after I take the same picture 8 or 9 times!IMG_6588

We also picked up a bunch of trash.  My mom wasn’t ready for an early morning cocktail, so she recycled this bottle instead.  Too much plastic on the beaches!  Myself included need to use less plastic!  It’s bad for the environment. Read this article.

IMG_6591One of the coolest things about the walk — I found a sea bean.  This one is known as a red sea bean.  Read more about the sea beans, also known as hamburgers, here.  You can find anything on the internet! This tells about the probability of finding the different types of sea beans.


In case you are wondering, Sea Beans, the mystical sea travelers from the Tropics, begin their extraordinary journey by escaping from the pods that have nourished them deep in the rainforests. Riding the jungle rivers to the sea, the Sea Beans are quickly caught up in the ocean currents, drifting for years until they land on some distant shore. All carry the belief of Good Luck to the finder, since their origins are never known, and their journey can only be imagined.

I am so happy we woke up early and hit the beach for this wonder slice of nature! Enjoy the first day of the summer!  Have another minute, read these quotes about Summer Solstice.IMG_6590

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