How Fun! Inspiring One Another!

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Remember the Jerry Seinfeld skit about how easy it was to make friends as a kid?  Watch this clip as a refresher.

Wouldn’t it be nice if as adults, we could walk out of our house and yell, “Hey! You look smart! Will you be my friend?”  I don’t think I am alone in feeling like the older we get, the harder it is to make new friends.

Recently a Los Gatos woman reached out to me on LinkedIn and said “Hey! I like your background!  Do you want to meet and talk about our careers?”  When I didn’t respond after a couple of weeks, Kim tapped me on my LinkedIn shoulder again and I said “Oh! What the heck!”.

We met at Purple Onion on a Saturday morning and despite her dog going crackers over everything that breathed within 100 feet of our table (he was finally escorted to the car), we decided to meet every Wednesday.  We talk careers, articles we’ve read on writing and social media, our backgrounds, resumes, furniture – you name it!  It’s so refreshing to talk about strengths and weaknesses without anyone judging.  We laugh a lot and get off track quite often. She encourages me to network more.  I remind her that every written word doesn’t have to be perfect.

Vicki and Kim (above) have been best friends since seventh grade!  I met Vicki last Friday when Kim said we should ride by and check out her house (stalking?).  Vicki pulled in the driveway as we drove past and Kim made her invite us in to check out her kitchen.  I’ve been obsessing since.  Check out the entrance to Vicki’s house!IMG_5470

When Kim and I met last, we made plans to meet at Vicki’s pop up sale in Willow Glen.  Vicki’s business is The Creeping Fig.  Instead of managing a store full-time, she hosts a pop up store a few times a year (she also has a Facebook page – like her page!).

At her pop up store, Vicki had a nice spread of cheese and crackers, dried fruit and white wine!  There were plenty of succulents, ivy topiaries, hydrangea’s and a variety of vintage planters for sale!

In the last month, Kim has inspired me to grow personally and professionally in so many ways.  Super talented with great style, Vicki has inspired me to create some cool things in the future.

2016-05-26 18.09.312016-05-26 17.46.17

As inspired as I was by all the items for sale, it was even more fun chatting with all of the women.  Kim is a natural at introducing people by mentioning their amazing characteristics and passions in life!  Everyone was visiting, appreciating each other. No cliques, no airs – just laughs and smiles.  “Do you like cherry soda?!”

2016-05-26 17.07.57Kim and I both “bought” unique slate cheese platters (we owe Vicki $12 each).  Kim said she was going to give her’s as a hostess gift. Not me. I am going to use mine to host new friends instead.  Exchanging numbers with a number of women tonight, I wish I’d brought a card with my cell phone number that read: “Michelle Young.  I hope you will be my new friend!”


  1. Michelle living in the moment and being positive can bring such good feelings. This was so uplifting. Thank you. I thought about the song by Barbra Striesand, People who need People are the luckiest people in the World. Loved this one

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