Super Bowl Ready Grilled Guacamole

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2016-05-30 09.09.34
Do I don’t jump on the Bucs’ bandwagon – my new home during the Super Bowl?

Watching the Super Bowl is an event like no other and I want to unveil a new treat! Of course, after living in Northern California for eight plus years, I already mastered Guacamole.  But I can make this recipe in my sleep and I wanted to put a twist on it.

A few years ago, before one of the Warriors’ NBA Finals, I flipped through the June 2016 Food and Wine magazine. I found this recipe for Smoky and Chunky Guacamole and was sold.  It looks (and tastes!) amazing!


Let’s get moving! (the recipe is posted below).  I start with plum tomatoes! While I prep the grill items, I also mince the garlic.

After prepping everything, I marinate the to-be-grilled items in a Ziplock bag for a couple of hours (avocado, oil, gray salt and pepper) before putting them on a platter to take outside to the grill.  Check out all those colors!

My Man is the grill master so he took over from here.  Somehow he got it all on the grill in one try.  Pretty good! He even helped out by making this video on timing for the grill.

He started to pull the items off the grill as they were finished.  They all looked so good!

I let the veggies cool a bit before I started making the guacamole.  I pulled the skin off the avocados and chopped up the tomatoes. The colors were gorgeous!

I then minced the peppers and purple onions; and then added the minced garlic and chopped Cilantro.

2016-05-30 17.27.07

After I squeezed the limes in the bowl, I salt and peppered it all.  And finally, I taste-tested with organic blue chips. I stuck some in the frig to cool off for a bit, but not before I tasted it a few times.

Stop it!  It was amazing! It had so much flavor and kick to it! I will be making this again! 2016-05-30 18.44.13

The Recipe.



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