Moments Like This Are Why We Blog

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60F0A8C0-EFBD-46C1-A37F-26F95E897015When I started this blog, I wanted it to be about Days Unplanned. Moments in my life that I didn’t stress about. Moments that just happened, special times that put a smile on my face.  Let’s look back at a special Father’s Day Eve a few years ago as an example.

A look back at June 2016

First, the Atlantic Ocean took on a much different look on Father’s Day!  Check out the two photos about 26 hours apart!  SHAMELESS PLUG: If you haven’t already, read my blog about my kayaking adventure in the Atlantic Ocean.

Saturday morning

Because it was low tide around 1 pm today, we went for a beach walk in the early afternoon and were greeted with this type of wave action!  A storm was brewing!

Sunday at Noon.  Same spot as yesterday!

My mom was quick to point out we wouldn’t be picking up any sea glass on this beach walk!  We had a great time just walking in the water, chatting and enjoying the ocean breeze.

After a piece of raspberry pie to finish dinner, we decided to go down for a short walk on the beach this evening.  We walked about 500 feet and came upon this sea turtle laying eggs!  We were both speechless.2016-06-19 18.45.32

It was the perfect evening for observation because there was a cool breeze and no no-see-ums.  Read here about the no-see-um.

We stood back quite a ways and talked quietly, when we spoke at all.  We couldn’t believe our luck!

2016-06-19 18.45.41

The sea turtle dug a hole with her flippers and then laid her eggs.  On average, sea turtles lay 110 eggs in a nest, and average between 2 to 8 nests a season.

Laying eggs was tough work, so she napped after she was finished.  Here is a little more information on sea turtles.  My mom walked down the beach for a while. She was too hyper to just stand and watch her nap.  My parent’s neighbors, Monica and Melissa, stopped by and watched with us.  What a great way to celebrate Melissa’s 10th birthday!

When she woke up from her 15 minute nap, the sea turtle worked hard to cover the eggs, moving all of her flippers systematically. I have seen a turtle lay eggs late-night, but it was fascinating to watch one in action in the daylight!

Once the sea turtle felt like she had done her job, she decided to beat feet and head back into the ocean. My I-Phone crapped out, but luckily Monica shot this video with her’s.  Thanks for the assist Monica!

What an amazing hour of our lives!  Totally unplanned.  We went down there to walk off our dinner and were treated to an amazing show by nature.  Thank you God!

2016-06-19 13.11.48



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