Commit To Resolutions With A Smile

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img_34042018 went by way too fast, didn’t it? I sat down in December and wrote down 15 resolutions to make sure 2019 didn’t get away from me as quickly this past year.

One of my main resolutions is to write a blog once a month!  It doesn’t sound too harsh, but considering I wrote just two last year, including one on January 1, 2018! — I need to commit.

A look back at some of the fun things we did in 2018 – reunions with friends and family, sports games and gorgeous scenery, and celebrating milestones!

I read this week that people give up on their resolutions because they say things like “I am going to lose a pound a week” instead of saying concrete things like “I am going to give up sugar this month.”

I pledge to write about past travels (Arizona, Spain, France, Nashville, and more), future travels (Turks and Caicos, Morocco), new recipes (Keto Diet recipes!), and of course more upcycling projects (hello South Tampa estate sales).  I’ll start there.

img_2043As a society, we frequently rip millennials for different things, including always being on their phones.  What are people talking about!  Go in restaurants, malls, out for a walk, and beyond, sit in work meetings — heck just driving back and forth to work; take note. We as a society, age 4 – 94 – are constantly on our phones!  It’s kind of gross isnt’ it?  I am guilty too! One of my resolutions is to put my phone down after 7 pm.  I want to read more books, learn some recipes, blog more, and quite honestly, just be more present.  The first few days of January I have done OK – not great, not terrible.  I am going to keep working on this one!

img_3306One thing is for sure, my resolutions include some tough ones, like create serious fitness goals, not just say “I will lift weights more in 2019.”  But there also some easy ones, like post on LinkedIn twice a week (articles, quotes, etc.) or sign up for another season of tennis.  This year, instead of sitting on my phone for hours at a time – I am going to be a doer!  I am going to finally put our wedding scrapbook together — it was five years ago!  I am going to finish our honeymoon scrapbook. I want to play more tennis, meet more professionals in Tampa, and be inspired more.

1This blog was a good start for January, but I am going to commit to writing a couple more this month.  One will be on our recent trip to the Grand Canyon and another on our trip to Turks and Caicos in a couple of weeks.  Both are bucket list trips!

img_3035But and this is a HUGE BUT, but I am going to hold myself to a high standard, but not an impossible one.  That’s the real problem with resolutions at times – if we fall off the horse the first week, we give up.  Not this year, not in 2019!  Let’s do this! And if we falter, let’s pat ourselves on the backside, hit the reset and get moving again toward those goals.  We can do it!

img_3402PS My husband and I have pledged to go to a Florida beach once a month!  We live among some of the top beaches in the country and we never go!  To kick off the year in style, January 1st we went to Honeymoon Island for the first time and checked that beach off our list! Note: wear shoes to walk on the beach – lots of rocks, and get there early!

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