Focusing on Tile and Mosaics in Cuba

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Goofing in Cuba in August 2017.

In August 2017, we joined 5 Reddish’s and one Michael for 5 days in Havana, Cuba.  I could write 15 blogs on the different paths we took on the trip, but this blog is focusing on the mosaics and tiles we saw in Cuba.

The first day we were in Havana, we went to Fusterlandia.  There were blocks of mosaics on the walls, ground, ceilings and more! Click here to read more.  Check out the many pictures below.

These were a few of my favorites!

This was Hugo Chavez, the President of Argentina.  Read more on him here.


This was a tribute to Princess Diana after her death in 1996. This was one of my favorites.

IMG_9155One of the many things I noticed when we went site-seeing in Havana were all the different types of tile on the floors and walls.  There were so many unique tiles that were 30, 40, 50 years old. At the museum below, they were pretty standard.

20120106_143338-1 copy

But as we walked around more, we noticed so many different colors, patterns, and more. The tiles below were on the wall up the stairs on the way to our Air B and B we stayed in one night in Old Havana.IMG_9534

On the floors, as I looked in the different doors and windows, I saw so many different varieties.

Someday I will do some research on what these tile patterns mean.

Cuba was an amazing place for photos of each other as well.

One place the tile was nice and cool, because no place is air-conditioned in Cuba, was our Air B and B with the Reddish family.  Laurel and I enjoyed playing air hockey, basically hogging the table!  She beat me once and I think I won once.  We laughed and laughed!

20170812_095337 copy

Hurricane Katrina did a number on Cuba too, including this former nightclub near our place in Santa Maria del Mar.

On the same walk, we ran across a couple of men fishing. Weren’t these fish colorful?  Amazing!

Who is ready to back to Cuba?  IMG_9224


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