Master Bathroom Remodel: From Magnolias To Mediterranean Vintage

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We love our bedroom and we wanted to love our bathroom too!

For more on our house remodel, click here!  And here!  If you want to see what our house looked like before: click here!

When we bought the house, we thought we could live with the Magnolia wallpaper, the 38-year-old vanity and closets in the master bathroom — until we moved in and “lived” it. After a couple of months, we both agreed enough was enough and knew we had to start over!

I pulled out a piece of paper from My Man’s printer in his office and drew the bathroom as it was at that moment.  I then drew out what I wanted.  It was so simple in my mind.  We met with our contractor to explain what we (I) wanted and he said he would be ready to go in early June.

before bathroom
Before bathroom.
after bathroom
After bathroom with master closet.

Before the big reveal, let’s take a look at some of the BEFORE pictures of our master bathroom.

When we moved in, we thought we could live with the Magnolia wallpaper, but we hated the closets, the short vanity and the flooring.

The bathroom closets had been remodeled and a California closet had been added.  I personally HATED California closets when we lived in California.  All those little shelves just weren’t practical!  Not sure what a California closet is, click here.  I just didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars redoing a bad closet to make it even worse.

Not sold on the remodel yet?  Check out the video!  Note: the vanity had an awful odor inside.  Maybe they stored a thousand moth balls in it before, or it was just 38 years old and ready to be retired!

Early June, our amazing contractor, Chris Robinson, of Tampa Home Pro, and his crew got started.  The #demoday was actually three long days!  They took out two closets, boarded up a door, added a door, removed a few walls, all the flooring, the vanity (including the sinks and those gold and silver faucets!) and the wallpaper!

My former closet was here.  To the left: where the door was that led to our bedroom.
A few days after the demo, the new shape began to take shape!

Ready?  Let’s check out the new and improved bedroom!  Check out the video first!

I took all these photos on various trips (clockwise: Croatia | Charleston, SC | Burano, Italy | Florence Italy | Venice, Italy | Savannah, Ga.).  I picked them off my iPhone and had Shutterfly blow them up. I added them to the IKEA frames we purchased during the remodel.

The view when we enter the bathroom now is stunning!  We love the touch mirrors!  LOVE!  Just touch the circle, and the mirror lights up all the way around!  To keep with the neutral, Coastal feel of the house, we painted the master bathroom ON THE ROCKS (Sherwin Williams). It’s the same color we have painted in our kitchen and living room.IMG_8573

Amazing isn’t it!??  I loved the flushmount chandelier and the pendant light – both straight from Pottery Barn!

On to the closet, which was built on the left side of the bathroom.  You enter through a pocket door, most made of glass so we don’t lose any natural light from the window in the closet.

The glass pocket door that leads to the new closet. I loved it would let light in the bathroom from the closet window.


I wanted a lot of open shelving so we could put baskets in the closet, stack purses, etc. My favorite part about the shelving: if I don’t like the way the items are arranged, I can move it around in a matter of seconds (perfect for that summer to winter transition)!  It’s just simple pipe and thick boards.  Chris gave me the boards trimmed, but raw wood.  I painted and then stained the boards and then sanded them.  The shelving turned out amazing!



Our finishing touch after it was all finished: the 24 inch HDTV with cable!  We liked to watch the news in the morning when we were getting ready back in California, so we decided to add a TV to our bathroom.  Every morning I walk in this bathroom, I can’t believe it’s mine!



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