Making Over A Vintage Hutch On A Budget

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IMG_7717 copy
It’s not all work no play!  Last weekend we hiked Mt. Charleston in Las Vegas with friends Brainard and Kerry.
I’ve been hankering to refinish a vintage hutch for a while, but I was told the hutch needed to be done on a budget.  Scouring Craigslist, I took a large bite off the apple.  After locating one for free, I realized it came with strings attached.  It was over 50 years old and it had a distinct odor about it.

former hutch

Before heading home, we stopped at Ace Hardware and picked up three cans of Kilz spray paint. The Kilz spray paint was the biggest cost at $8 a can. Kilz was perfect for covering the stains and blocking odors, including past smokers. If you haven’t used it yet, get involved by watching a couple of my videos.

After I spray painted the entire piece, including the insides, back and bottom, I let the piece dry overnight outside.  I used the original hardware, spray painting it gold.  The cost of the spray paint was about $1.50

I mixed up my own version of the Annie Sloan Old White for the outside and because it was Oops paint, it cost me about $4 to paint the outside (to make your own chalk paint, read this article).  To make chalk paint, mix 1/3 cup of plaster of Paris and 1/3 cup of warm water; stir until completely smooth. Mix that with 1 cup of latex paint and stir thoroughly. I needed about 3 cups.

I chose to give it a pop of color on the inside, painting it turquoise.  I used about a third of the quart and because it was Home Depot Oops paint ($2 a quart), it cost about 80 cents to paint the inside!

The back of the hutch needed to be replaced because it had a tear on the bottom of it.  My handy-men helped me remove it by popping off the staples with a screwdriver.  A fresh piece of wood at Home Depot was less than $10.  Having the piece taken off the back made painting the inside so much easier and got rid of a lot of the odor.  

Now, for the grand reveal.  I styled the hutch up a bit for the photos.  Another plus about this hutch, the inside light works!


In case you can’t remember what it looked like before, take a look the comparison side by side.  It’s not bad for less than $45 spent!  Even better, it smells just like every other piece of furniture now.  IMG_8091



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