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My husband and I headed out on a spontaneous trip to Pacific Grove!
My husband and I headed out on a spontaneous trip to Pacific Grove!

The first time I heard someone talk about a blog, I was confused. Really confused. Was a blog the word blink combined with frog? A Blog? What was its purpose?  Why would anyone want to do that?

Well, the jokes on me! Twelve years later and there are more than a quarter of a billion blogs worldwide. Make it a quarter of a billion plus one because today Days (Un)Planned is born.

Why? For starters, friends have told me for years, ‘you are so funny, you really should write a blog.’ Me? I’m too busy.

The last couple of months I haven’t been as busy, that’s another topic for another blog, but it’s time. Before I could write a word, I had to have a name for it. At first the blog was going to be called Weeks Planned. With my percolating, I thought, ‘who wants to read a blog about weeks planned? Isn’t that we got to work for?’

If you have known me a few days, you might expect my blog to be about sports. Why should the Cardinals sign Jason Hayward and trade Jon Jay? Who will play in Super Bowl 50? What is the future of college athletics?

Sorry folks – this won’t be that blog. Imagine this instead: it’s Saturday morning at 6 am, you open your eyes (refreshed, no wine last night) and you have nothing planned. Not a single thing other than brushing your hair and teeth? What will you do? When I was in my 20s and 30s, I hated days like this because I was always working or running wide open somewhere trying to catch a big group. If I wasn’t busy, I wasn’t happy.

Now that I am grown, I treasure the unplanned days! I crave them!

And now, this is why my lifestyle blog is being born today (on a Friday of course!)

What exactly will I write about? I promise it will include entries on travel (a day of wine tasting in the Santa Cruz Mountains or Croatia undiscovered), cooking (how to make a flaky pie crust!) and upcycling furniture (that junk could be a treasure).  Regardless of how cliché it sounds, I promise to help you (and I) to stop programming everything in life and live for the moment! This blog will be for the overachievers and the underachievers!

Spoiler Alert: Days (Un)Planned begins now!


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