Because A Yellow Bedroom Wouldn’t Do

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On the way for a long weekend in Asheville, but delayed in Atlanta!

Let’s get this party started!  Ooops … headed out on vacation, but stuck in the Atlanta airport for a couple of hours! ‘Waste not want not’ my Grandma Schmitt use to say so I decided to write a blog about our latest DIY project.  Truth be told, I was pouting about being stuck here with a delayed flight and then My Man walked up with a couple of Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuits.  My frown was quickly turned upside down!


When we moved to Florida a year and a half ago, we bought a house (what!? it’s already been a year and a half!).  Check out the blog I wrote on our remodel downstairs!

Our master bedroom was yellow. Considering My Man detests yellow – a color change was made ASAP.  We tried out a number of colors prior to having it painted (and new carpet installed!)



We went with a light gray on three walls and graphite as an accent wall (thank you Lindsey!).  Turned out pretty awesome.  We had two vintage dresser that we thought were awesome in their original wood.  I love the vintage dressers made in the 1960s and ’70s.  So sturdy, gorgeous bones!

IMG_5091We had a big empty corner and one day after work, I decided to cruise by Rare Hue’s and get that corner checked off the list of things to do.  We added a couple of gorgeous prints, two arm chairs, a table and a stunning lamp.  We thought our bedroom was done.  But ask My Man, nothing is ever “done” in our house!

Well, I was right.  Our master bedroom was done, until a few days ago.  Those wood dressers just weren’t going to work anymore.  Gorgeous bones, but it was time for a color change!

Mine before
His before

I got the bug to paint and sent my husband to get a quart of Annie Sloan Graphite.  Check out a blog I wrote about the Graphite and Gold combination a couple of years ago, still ode to Kristin Ribas.

I woke up at 5 am on Saturday morning so excited to paint! I hadn’t worn my paint clothes since we moved to Florida and just couldn’t wait to shed my PJs and get started. I knew My Man WOULD NOT share my excitement at 5 am so I chilled until 6:45 am! IMG_6838

Because it was 96 degrees with about 75 percent humidity and bright sunshine, we decided to bring (clean) tarps upstairs and paint in our bedroom on Saturday morning.

My Man’s dresser was getting the Graphite and Gold combo, while mine was going to get painted bright white with the same gold hardware.


It actually worked out perfect other than clogging up our bedroom and master bathroom.  Love that tile in the master bathroom!  Check out the remodel we did on our master bathroom last summer.



I digress.  Back to the dressers!  We painted two coats on the dressers and a few touch-ups and we were done.  We plugged in a couple of box fans, turned the air down and walked away.  We decided to let them dry overnight.  Sunday morning we went back in and put back on the hardwood, put them back in place and refolded all the clothes that rested on our bed overnight.  Good Feng Shui — cleaning out our drawers!

An hour later, and a good vacuum, and we were ready for the reveal.

Mine now
His now!

I added a mirror from a vintage store over my dresser and spray painted my jewelry box the same gold as my dresser hardware.  I honestly can’t stop smiling! The white against the light and dark grays along with the gold. I hate to brag, but it looks perfect!


My Man’s dresser also looks amazing! We now share a lamp each on our dressers and I added some succulents in a vintage terrarium to his dresser as well.


Complete reveal time!




Still not sure about that mid-century headboard gone turquoise with spray paint, but we can live with it for now.  I might get a dark gray tufted velvet headboard to put back there, but it’s vacation season now so that might have to wait.


As a bonus, I posted a couple of Instagram Stories about the dresser remodels and Annie Sloan’s Instagram PMed me these notes!  I felt so honored and so inspired and showed anyone who would look for a couple of days because I am certain it was the Annie Sloan herself PMing me on Instagram!

Thanks for reading and have a Happy 4th of July!



  1. Absolutely love your bedroom and the (DIY) upgrade on your furniture! You guys are amazing and so talented! I need some of your expert advice for my home. Vince & I can’t compromise on anything when it comes to decor. I don’t like his style & vice-versa. I miss you!!!


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